Monday, September 26, 2011

1976 Albert Bigley COMIC ACTION HEROES Art?! Joker vs Batman! DC Comics?!

I was such a fan of Neal Adams' art in the 70s, not only as seen in many Marvel (X-MEN, INHUMANS) and DC Comics (BATMAN, GREEN LANTERN), but also as used on tons of superhero products, such as record albums, book covers, puzzles, and toys! One such toy line making big use of Neal's art was the Mego-issued "Comic Action Heroes" offering of small all-plastic action figures. The actual toys left a lot to be desired, but the great Adams art seen on the packaging promised the world! I was so inspired by said illustrations, that here is my own attempt (at age 11) to capture some of that Adams' flare! Hey, I tried! Click to enlarge!

Below: My inspiration for the above masterpiece! The actual 1976 Neal Adams-drawn package art for this Batman action figure playset!

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