Monday, June 3, 2013

The Monkees! Custom Mego "Action Figures!" Davy Jones! Peter Tork!

Take a look at these colorful and fun custom "action figures" I assembled around 2005! It's the Monkees, created with an eye toward replicating the kind of product the prolific Mego corporation would have produced around the mid-70s, like their STAR TREK, WALTONS, and "World's Greatest Superheroes" line of toys! Click each image below to enlarge!

Above: All four custom MONKEES 8-inch figures, sealed on carefully-crafted custom cards!

Above: Davy was made using a STAR TREK "Chekov" action figure!
Tons of molding clay and added accessories were used to craft
the figure, along with lots of sculpting and painting! The
Davy/Chekov connection doesn't stop there, either!

Molding putty was used to craft Mike's hair, over a 70s STAR TREK "Bones McCoy"
head. A custom hat was added, then that head was used as the "master mold"
for the final plaster cast noggin! Clothes from the 70s STARSKY & HUTCH Mego 

line were used for his threads!

Peter sports a custom-made psychedelic top, made
from some paisley-patterned material!

Above: The original heads used to create the Monkees! Left to right: "Bo Duke"
was used for Micky, "Bones McCoy" was turned into Mike, and "Luke Duke"
was crafted into Peter!


Craig Zablo said...

Very coo

ND said...

Omg, I love it. Especially, the Davy Jones action figure.