Thursday, May 30, 2013

True Tales of a Young Comics Fan! "The Great 1976 Marvel Steal!" Bronze Age Mayhem!

And now for something completely different! Here is an all-new custom comic strip, detailing an emotional encounter I had in 1976 (at age 11) with a stack of (what then seemed like) very old Marvel comic books, a heap I had to own! Read about my reaction to those still-treasured comics, and my conscience-tossed final decision, in this fun and frivolous funny fumetti! Click below to enlarge!

Almost every comic Miss Serpico (yes, that was her name) had stowed in 
that rear cubby all came from late 1972! She said they once belonged to her 
brother, so he musta went on a one-month comic-buying kick...

It was actually fun trying to fit the 4-year old books into then-current (and 
fairly new to me) Marvel continuity ("There was a 1950s Captain America and 
Bucky?! The Vision has issues with the Grim Reaper? Neal Adams drew for Marvel?!)...
I had also never owned comics with the famed (and short-lived) Marvel "box design
covers, and loved that look then and now!

BONUS! Peer below to see the exact comics involved in the above loopy love story!


James Robert Smith said...

See...I was spoiled as a kid. My dad owned used bookstores and I had access to 250,000+ back issues. And he had mainly comics published between 1955 and 1967. You can imagine. I'd dig through the stacks and boxes and grab whatever the heck I wanted.

Yeah, it was magic. There's hardly anything publishing during those years that I haven't read.

Stuff from the 1970s? Feh. That ain't old!

Al Bigley said...

I'm so jealous!

Sure, at that age I had READ about used book/comic shops (why were they all in far-off California?), but dared not to even dream...:)

And, yes, to me at age 11, those 4-year-old comics seemed like lost artifacts that HAD to be added to my collection! Once a new comic went off-sale, you never saw it again!

That would be like a kid now thinking a comic from 2008 was old and desirable! Hard to imagine!

Al Bigley

Chuck said...

Great haul! (Not to mention the first appearance of Thanos in that issue of Iron Man.) That was the great thing about growing up at that time - you never knew where comics would turn up!