Friday, May 17, 2013

Claw Long and Prosper--Part Two! STAR TREK! Khan! Spock!

It's been many long years since I first spotted that odd knock-off "Mr. Spock" cloth figure in one of those ubiquitous claw machines you see outside of department stores, but take a look at his newly arrived company inside those plexiglass prisons! Due to the newest STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS flick, it looks as if Spock has been joined by Khan, Kirk, Scotty, Uhura (I think), "mirror" Spock, Klingons, and other tiny-tot TREK toy characters! Is this a dastardly plot by some evil space rapscallion? Click below to enlarge and engage!

Besides the ever-intrepid TREK crew, this machine also inexplicably featured odd knock-off
figures of Domo and a multi-colored "Patrick Star" from SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!


Anonymous said...

I just saw a claw machine at a Steak and Shake with the Trek dolls in it. I've never played a claw machine before but I was tempted to go after the Khan. Of course if I missed him I could have yelled "KHHHHHAAAAAAANNNNNN!"

Anonymous said...

They have a "Mirror, Mirror" Spock?! Just how many of these things did they make?