Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bob and Ray! The 50s Years! 1953 TV GUIDE Pics and Article!

Time for a real change of pace for a moment (as if my Monkees posts don't qualify for that)! I've loved the audio hi-jinks of master satirists BOB AND RAY for some time now, so here is a frantic post on the team! From a 1953 TV GUIDE issue, we get to peer into the keen minds of these two sharpies, who began spoofing the underside of celebrity, movies, politicians, and other over-puffed blowhards and institutions in those early days! The duo continued right up until Ray's untimely 1990 passing, but thanks to tons of fan-saved recordings, any modern comedy fan can laugh along with spoofs of such things as PLANET OF THE APES, MANNIX, soap operas, news teams, and kid's shows! If you love the dry humor of the POLICE SQUAD! show, or anything that lets the air out of the pompous and over-evaluated world we live in (now more than ever) give the duo a try! BONUS: In the 50s, Bob and Ray were picked to transform some of their hilarious radio scripts into MAD magazine pieces, mostly drawn by the inimitable Mort Drucker! Click to enlarge, and remember to "hang by your thumbs!"!

Yep! Bob and Ray actually had a short-lived TV show in the 50s, with frequent
co-star Audrey Meadows!

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