Tuesday, February 7, 2012

ANT-MAN! 1979 Dave Cockrum Original Comic Cover Art! Marvel Comics!

Here's one from my own collection! Here is the cover rough for MARVEL PREMIERE #48, from 1979! Dreamt up by "Dandy" Dave Cockrum, here is the "new" Ant-Man going into action against a savage, raging beast! Dave once again brings into play his mastery of composition, anatomy, drama, and depth! Note the blue pencilled sketch beneath the rough inks. Before the age of scanners, art had to be photographed (as a "stat") prior to printing, and any blue lines would not be reproduced, thus, they never needed to be erased after inking! Click to enlarge!

This version of Ant-Man is actually a spin-off from the IRON MAN comic of the day!
Stark Enterprises engineer Scott Lang discovers Henry Pym's old Ant-Man gear, and,
with Pym's blessing, takes up the ant-mantle! Pym had long since
abandoned the guise, inactive as Ant-Man since the mid-60s, after evolving into
the superhero known as "YellowJacket!"

BONUS! Thanks to the generosity of inker Bob McLeod, look below to glom the next stages of this colossal cover! Below left are Dave Cockrum's final pencils, below right is the finished cover art, with McLeod inks!

BONUS BONUS! Click below to see me, posing with the above original comic art!

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Don Hudson said...

That's a great cover. The yellow BG is perfect against Ant-Man's costume.