Monday, November 27, 2017

Neal Adams JUSTICE LEAGUE 1976 Pencils! Hear the '66 JLA Song! Wonder Woman!

Take a look at these very rare power-packed pencils, by nefarious Neal Adams! They were produced as part of the famed Hall of Justice action figure playset, for the primo provider of pulp-procured products of the 70s, Mego! The Justice League never looked better! These amazing scenes were used to surround the exterior of the playset, and even include Green Lantern, a figure Mego never even produced! You'll also see Neal's roughs for the '76 Wonder Woman "Collapsing Tower" playset, part of the infamous "Comic Action Heroes" line! Click below to enlarge!

Above: Neal's roughs for the Hall of Justice and Wonder Woman
playsets from the mid-70s. Note how Neal was instructed to add
Supergirl over an existing SHAZAM! figure. See it here!

BONUS: Click below to hear the rare 1966 JUSTICE LEAGUE SONG, from Tifton Records!
Wait 'till you hear the voice of Batman...Yikes!

Above: The cover art for the '66 Tifton SONGS AND STORIES ABOUT THE JUSTICE LEAGUE LP.
Note the hyping of Plastic Man and Metamorpho, slated to get their own Filmation
cartoons that never were!

Above: Tifton re-released the LP in 1976, this time under the "Power Records" banner!
The same LP of tunes and tales, but with the Aquaman, Flash, and Wonder
Woman songs excised! Don't worry! You can hear them all on this very blog! 
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