Thursday, December 29, 2016

See SPIDER-MAN #163! For You and Me! 1976 John Romita Sr. Original Comic Art!

Can anyone get enough of original comic art, as drawn by the master himself, John Romita, Sr.? Here is yet another fabulous JRSR image, straight from the 1976 cover of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #163! Tho designed by dandy Dave Cockrum, Romita once again provides his action-packed impeccable inking, chock-fulla action, depth, danger, and greatness, with the corrupt Kingpin thrown in, to boot! Click below to enlarge!

Thanks to the courtesy of boisterous Bill Beam for the above original art image!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

More BATMAN 1966 Treasures! Hear Adam West Sing "Miranda!" 2016 Cosplay Hijinks! Batwoman!

Let's zoom back to the Batcave for more rare tidbits and treasures from the sensational '66 BATMAN show! Click below to enjoy and enlarge each pic and Bat-document!

Above: "Batman is like Robin's stooge?" Some nifty 1966 reviews and clippings about
 the BATMAN show, then causing a sensation amongst the nation! Say, we never
did get a PHANTOM show, did we?

Above: Yep! DC Comics (and 20th Century Fox) understandably tried to clamp down
on the then-new WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN film! Their pleas went unheeded,
and the WWOB film is now seen as a fun and silly B-movie classic, even earning
 the honor of being zapped by the MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 guys!

Above: What? The arch-antagonist, the Archer--Not paid for services rendered?
"Your Bat-check is in the mail!"

Above twelve pics: Holy comics cosplay! It's Al Bigley (as "Batman"), with
Cheralyn Lambeth ("Robin"), camping it up at the 2016
Charlotte (NC) Comicon! 

Above four pics: "Batman and Robin" are interviewed by
Nina Budd ("Wonder Woman"), at the convention!

Above two pics: What's this? An evil super-crimial always seems to have to spoil the
 day's events! Here, cosplayer Victor Goldberg (as "the Joker") throws a meddlesome
monkey wrench into the works!

Above: What nefarious foe could be hiding under that
Stormtrooper armor?! Why it's Hope Roten, a lively
local cosplayer!

BIG BAT-BONUS! Click below to hear the super-rare (and super fun) 1966 Adam West-crooned novelty song, MIRANDA, as played on a great 1989 "Batman Week" KRLA radio broadcast!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

SHAZAM! "The Mighty Dr. Illusion!" Rare 1977 Audio Adventure! Power Records!

Any comics fan who grew up in the 70s just had to have dug Power Records! The folks at PR (in reality, the beloved Peter Pan people) supplied us fans with a veritable flood of superhero audio adventures, in those days before VCRs, DVDs, and DVR! We feverish fans got loads of LPs and 45s spotlighting both the Marvel and DC super-characters (and even STAR TREK and PLANET OF THE APES offerings), most featuring fun tales crafted by the actual comics creators of the day! Now you get to hear one of the rarest Power Records outings, featuring none other than the famed Captain Marvel himself! Click below to take a listen to this amazing mid-70s SHAZAM! adventure (certainly timed to capitalize on the still-running CBS-TV Saturday morning series), in the best audio quality you'll find anywhere! 

BONUS: Look below to glom the fabulous 45 cover that enveloped the above super-adventure!

The above cover art looks to be the work of Dick Giordano, doing
his best Kurt Schaffenberger impression!