Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Red Skull Gets SMASHed! Baron ZENO?! 1975 Magazine Feature! Kirby Art!

Back again with a look into the interesting innards of a 1975 SMASH magazine! This time, the capering creators of said mag provide us with a look at a colossal Captain America battle, with none other than the wretched Red Skull! Gaze at the reproduced Jack Kirby art! Swoon over the alliterative authorship of Stan Lee! Puzzle over the misspelling of Baron Zemo's name! Click all below to enlarge and enjoy!

The above imagery was reprinted from 1968's CAPTAIN
AMERICA #101, with art by Jack Kirby and Syd Shores!

Above: Dig that terrible attempt at humorous writing, in
the above feature! Who does the writer think he is, Stan Lee?