Friday, August 2, 2013

Spidey vs. Kraven vs Tigra! 1978 Albert Bigley Art! Marvel Comics?!

In 1978, jocular John Byrne was a new and exciting up-and-coming comics artist, and fans were treated to his version of the (then still) spectacular Spider-Man (and a myriad of other mighty Marvel characters, such as Tigra) in the merry MARVEL TEAM-UP title. Nobody was more thrilled with Byrne's art than a young me, so dig this 1978 cover pencil repro I attempted, at age 13! I tried to add my own sense of shading and effects, possibly intending this for a never-produced painting! Click below to enlarge!

You can tell I had just learned the "shading with the side of the pencil"
technique here! And, say, where is the rest of Spidey's body?!

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