Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Batgirl and Robin! 1975 Albert Bigley Original Comic Art! DC Comics?!

This time, I present a fabulous (?) full-color image, drawn by me at age 10, in 1975! Inspired by their titanic team-ups in the then-new BATMAN FAMILY comics, here is the "Dynamite Duo" themselves, Batgirl and Robin! The teaming of these two in comics was kinda exciting, as Robin had left behind his Batman-sidekick status years earlier, and (even to my young eyes) Batgirl was much easier on the eyes than her male inspiration! I had a lot to learn about male and female anatomy when I created this drawing (in colored pencils, yet), as an oddly-proportioned Batgirl appears to swoop in and lob a smoke-bomb at a gigantic dragon, thus saving the Teen Wonder! Click to enlarge!

Notice my attempt to add some sorta background, with a wrecked 
building and street, and a bystander running for cover!

BONUS: Below is the official early-70s "Batgirl" logo, created by artist Don Heck! I doubtless 
used this as my inspiration for the above logo seen on my 1975 "masterpiece!"

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