Monday, October 29, 2012

Robin, the Teen Wonder! 1976 Albert Bigley Art! "SOFFK!" DC Comics?!

Another blast from my past! This time, it's a riotous Robin pencil illustration, done by me in 1976 (at age 11)! I was trying to imagine and design a group of possible scenarios that would look swell as model kits, complete with nice 3-D dioramas and backgrounds, much as the fine Aurora hero kits were presented! Alas, it was all simply wishful thinking, as the Aurora folks had already made (and re-issued) their one and only Batman and Robin kits by then, but...Dig those speed strokes and ghost images! The "Teen Wonder" is belting that poor thug (or is he supposed to be the Joker?) so hard, his gun (or smoking candy bar) is being sent flying! And, is that blood coming offa Robin's left glove?! Yikes! Click to enlarge!

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