Thursday, April 30, 2009

Metamorpho-The TV Series? Sing Along! To the METAMORPHO Song!

From a 1970 BRAVE AND THE BOLD ish...Bob Haney talks of a METAMORPHO TV series that adapted the first origin tale of the Element Man.

Animated? Live action? I take it from his words this woulda been done around 1967 or so..Filmation studios, maybe?

Anyone out there have additional info?

BONUS! Click below to read about how the producer of the MARVEL SUPERHEROES cartoon show were angling to bring Metamorpho (and many other oddball properties) to the TV screens in the sizzling 60s!

Thanks to Steven Thompson for the above clipping!

BONUS BONUS! Click below to hear the fabulous METAMORPHO song, as released by Tifton Records in 1966, and later in 1976 by Power Records!

Rising Costs of Comics-1968!

Here we have Stan Lee answering reader accusations of Marvel Comics becoming to large and too greedy.

Don't laugh. In the pre-80s days, "Marvel Comics" and "crass corporate greed" did not immediately spring to mind, as they do now!

Funny in comparison to today's new cost of a single standard comic topping off near $4.00. Back when this editorial was published? A single comic was 12 cents.

More Jerky Jimmy Olsen (and Pal)!

Dig this panel from a 1968 issue of JIMMY OLSEN. The Jimster decides a poor, misguided gunmoll deserves a better life than the one she had stuck on some lowly criminal beau, so he employs his best pal, Superman, to make her forget him! So easy!

Not only does Supes utilize one of his most obscure powers (this side of the film SUPERMAN 2), but the moral and social implications of these kinda acts...

Don't get me started.

1974 SHAZAM! TV GUIDE article!

Scott Baio!

Whoda thunk it?! Scott Baio--comic art fan?

Dig this blurb from a 1977 16 MAGAZINE! Seems at some point the young womanizer did a Marvel office visit, and got some cool Spidey and Thor sketches (from George Perez? Pablo Marcos?)!

Wonder where those sketches are today?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jimmy Olsen-Playa?!

From the 1967 gala, long-awaited, 100th issue of JIMMY OLSEN, we finally get to see Jimbo wed Lucy (Lois' sister) Lane! AT LAST!

But wait! Can Jimmy give up all his past loves once entering into married bliss? Watch as he gently lets down past flames (even past flames from the far future, as JO has been known to do a bit of time traveling)! Notice the hi-jinks as the ladies put on airs to make Jimmy THINK they're all broken up over his going off-market! DC fun!Next, Superman zooms in to offer his wedding gift to the new couple. What could be more appropriate from the most enlightened man in the world? Super-robots to help Lucy with all her feminine married chores, such as cleaning, shopping, and stewardessing! Supes even spends his valuable time (aren't kids starving in China?) to hand-deliver invites to the planet's dignitaries for this much-anticipated wedding! Thanks, pal!

But, during the nerve-shattering build-up to the nuptials, Lois Lane has a severe breakdown! Can ya blame her as she throws a hissy over her sister's happiness? Feel your emotions rend as Lois bends under the realization that Superman will probably never commit to her, so she will die alone, sad and broken!

But, the tension mounts even higher! Lucy is given magic lipstick that turns Superman into a horrid human mole (don't ask)! She buckles under the pressure of having to postpone the wedding to keep the world's mighty hero safe from harm for a few days! It takes tough-talking Lois (now fully pulled back together), to talk hard sense into her sis! These women!

But, alas, just as you feel you can't take another drama-soaked minute, all is well again. Lucy realizes that her playa JO has been with too many gals from the past, present, and future to compete, so she gives in. Can ya blame the poor gal?

And Jimmy? He seems just fine avoiding the walk down the isle! Check that last panel!

And, below, Jimmy deftly sums up the whole nail-biting adventure. 'Nuff said!

More Jerky Jimmy!

Here we have JIMMY OLSEN number 127, from 1970. During DC Comic's "relevancy" period of self-exploration and searching for answers to the nation's ills, we have Superman's Pal going undercover (for a DAILY PLANET expose article) in the slums of Metropolis to uncover sordid living conditions and corrupt landlords.
Not a problem, when you count the Man of Steel as a best bud, you'd think? Dig Supe's reaction when Jimmy asks for some super-help to this serious dilemma! Superman just can't be bothered with what he perceives as another of Jimmy's silly bits of hijinks! He even dismisses the living conditions (cockroaches, mice, rats, etc) at a glance! Superman is off to fight evil bank robbers while folks starve in the ghetto! "It's YOUR baby, not mine!" Horray!

And, Jimbo don't come off so good, either. He really only gets involved when he spies a hot chicky he digs living in said slums. It then becomes all about impressing her.
Finally, after Jimmy coralls the corrupt landlord behind the ailing tenement slums, only then does Superman get involved by building better housing, etc. Like he couldn't have done that to BEGIN with? Seems like he was shamed into it with Jimmy's newspaper expose of the problem!

And, of course, by next issue, all is back to the status quo.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rap with Cap! Rare 1966 Tifton Records Songs and Stories! Marvel!

OK-Here we have the hard-to-find 1966 CAPTAIN AMERICA Tifton 45 story and song...OK audio, so hit the links below and start your star-spangled, flag-waving listening pleasure!


If you've ever heard the Tifton WONDER WOMAN story by the same guys (re-released on the 1976 JUSTICE LEAGUE Power Records LP), this (click below) should seem darned familiar..


Thunderbolts and Violets with Thor! Rare 1966 Tifton Records Song and Story!

Here is the ultra-rare 1966 MIGHTY THOR Tifton 45...Song and story! Be warned-the audio is a bit poor, but where else ya gonna hear this little Silver Age Marvel Comics gem, huh?



Friday, April 17, 2009


I love the letters pages from 60s DC Comic books. The editor (Mort Weisinger?) would get SO jerky with the kids writing in spotting goofs and blunders and continuity errors.

Compare that to rival Marvel Comics' Stan Lee and his friendly, breezy fan club attitude.

No wonder Marvel was soon to stomp their Distinguished Competition.

Enjoy this letter column blurb from JIMMY OLSEN 121, from 1969!

Monday, April 13, 2009

1978 SUPERMAN THE MOVIE Art Portfolio!

Some great painted images from the ultra-rare SUPERMAN THE MOVIE art portfolio from 1978. Here are only a few of the HUGE paintings included!

Universal City Tours HULK Ad!

1977 Drew Struzan DC Painted Power-Packed Posters! Batman! Wonder Woman!

Rare 1966 SPIDER-MAN Tifton 45! Spidey vs the Fickle Fly! Hear It NOW!

Here is a super rare Spider-Man 45 record from 1966!

Behind this oddly proportioned image of the Web-slinger, you get a very odd song (by the same folks who performed on the concurrent JUSTICE LEAGUE LP..."Plastic MAAAAAAN!"), and a nutty little story written by folks who assumed Spidey musta been a DC Comics hero...Super high camp!

Never re-released (unlike the JLA LP, re-pressed in a truncated version in 1975 by Power Records)theses are extremely hard to find today. Take a listen! 



Big (Stan) LEE! 1978 US MAGAZINE Article and Pic! Hulk! Spidey!

Dig this 1978 US MAGAZINE Stan Lee article..I clipped and saved back in the day. Such is my sad life.

As said in an earlier post, Lee, even then, wanted the Marvel Superheroes on TV to hew closer to their comic book incarnations, in order to stand out and be perceived as distinctive from the usual TV fare of the day....Click to enlarge!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge two pics taken for the above magnificent magazine article!

Above: Holy substitutions! Note how the above pic sports a different "Spider-Man" than
the other! This Spidey appears to be wearing the then-current TV costume, as seen in
 the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN CBS-TV show of the day!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Me! YouTube! Love!

Post Office of the Past! Kids Want Egghead!

Dig this letter from a 1967 issue of WORLD'S FINEST! Kids, even then, wanted to see the BATMAN TV show villains (the ones created JUST for the series) turn up in the comics.

Never came to pass, but can you imagine Silver Age Curt Swan-drawn images of King Tut? Clock King? Bookworm?

Woulda been great.