Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Early Spidey!

Here is a 1974 drawing where I attempted to re-create that days' Spidey adventure on PBS TV's THE ELECTRIC COMPANY! If you recall, the producers of that fun show made up their own custom SPIDEY comic covers for the intro to the  Spider-man live-action segments. Here Spidey tackles the "Spoiler!" I knew the producers used the cover to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 134, so I did the same in creating this work of art!

I had a thing for trying to fully re-create comic covers, as if I wanted a dry run for when I'd be doing the real thing. My "covers' HAD to have the logos, indicia, and all marks as the originals had! Very odd.

I also was very much into the little details of hero costumes. I had to show the viewer I knew how the back of Spidey's costume looked, how the web pattern was laid out, always careful to also draw the little web-shooter openings at the palms of the gloves! Maybe that's a boy thing?

Notice how I got bored and added odd little sketches to the left of the drawing, as well as under the Spidey figure.

Still struggling with the "big head/tiny body" thing....

Looks like I also chickened out of fully coloring the whole image.

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