Monday, September 28, 2015

Spider-Man vs. the Spider-Mobile?! 1976 Original Comic Art Madness! Gil Kane! Romita!

Dig this great original cover art, featuring the ever-amazing Spider-Man, in mortal combat against his own irony-drenched Spider-Mobile, and a mystery super-foe (you really don't want me to reveal his identity, do you?), all delightfully delineated by the titanically talented team of Gil Kane and John Romita, Sr.! Here is a great cover from the midst of the bicentennial-besotted Bronze Age (1976), and sums up what made Marvel great then, with plenty of action, danger, and drama displayed! Click below to enlarge, arachnid-aficionados!

Thanks to the fine folks at ComicConnect for the above scan!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Here Comes--The Spider-Mobile? Look Out For The Captain Americar? 1976 Madness!

As a kid, I was often inspired by not only the comic books themselves, but also the myriad merchandise that was constantly lobbed at us hardcore superhero fans! The leading juvenile juggernaut of the era, was, of course, the madcap Mego manufacturers, who lead the way with an expansive line of Marvel and DC Comics-based toys and figures, encompassing a large variety of superheroes and super-foes from the two combative companies! Below is my high-octane illustration spotlighting two oddball creations from Mego in 1976: custom vehicles made for Spider-Man and Captain America! Sure, these two swinging superheroes never needed any form of four-wheeled transportation (tho Spidey did have an irony-drenched "Spider-Mobile" for a bit in the mid-70s comics), but these dragsters sure looked swell to my 11-year-old eyes! Click below to enlarge!

Nope! Tho I immortalized these double diesel-powered doozies
in pencil and crayon, I never actually owned them as a kid!

BONUS! Gaze below to see the actual titanic toys that inspired the above drag-racing drawing!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Spidey vs. The Vulture! 1972 Original Kane/Romita Comic Art! Marvel Magnificence!

Back again with another brain-blistering piece of Bronze Age original art! This time, it's the amazing cover art to MARVEL TALES #34, from 1972! Those twin titans of terrific illustration, Gil Kane and John Romita, Sr., team to create a sensational scene of Spidey battling the villainous Vulture! Click below to enlarge and enjoy!

Thanks to collector Joe Fiore for the above scan!

Monday, July 13, 2015

ZOWIE! More 1966 BATMAN Blasts! Unseen TV Ads! Updates! Radio Interviews!

Swing back into Bat-action with these rare pics, documents and sounds (zounds!) detailing the famed 1966 BATMAN ABC-TV series! Click below to enlarge!

Above: Adam West (as "Batman"), tussles with an unknown
actor (as "the Riddler") during a famed live Shea
Stadium appearance, in June of 1966!

Above: Adam West entertains even more visitors to the BATMAN set!

Above: A great 1966 article from TV GUIDE! Read more about Biljo White here!

Above two images: Script and storyboard for an unfilmed (as far as is known) Batman-themed
Lava Soap TV ad! Notice how little dialog the Dynamic Duo receive in this
fun commercial...

Above: A 2014 "rag mag" piece on TV superheroes, featuring Adam and Burt!
Wanna read more about Burt's canine rescue charity efforts? Click here!

BATTY BAT-BONUS! Click below to hear Julie Newmar ("Catwoman") answer some particularly odd fan questions, on this 1989 radio call-in segment!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Captain America Strikes Back! Heroes Con 2015 Pics and Clicks!

Back again with more colossal cosplay action! This time, I proudly paraded as a "new" version of the ever-cuddly Captain America! Click images below to enlarge and enjoy!

Above: Getting suited up! Am I
working the "A" motif too much?

Above: Dressing in a parking garage?! Oh, the
indignity! You never saw this in the comics...

Above: Ready to go! New "Cap" jacket added, along
with new belt, gloves, and other accessories..

Above three images: Setting up for a dramatic shot! Is
this how Chris Evans started? Reb Brown? Dick Purcell?!

Above: The evil Winter Soldier sneaks up on a camera-smitten Cap!

Above two images: "The Hulk" walks among us! Now that's a lotta work...

Above: The Black Widow (Allyson Bigley) multi-tasks!

Above: What?! How many "Winter Soldiers" can there be here?!

Above: Dig all that fantastic phantasmagorical original comic art!

Above: An unusually dapper Wolverine (Jim Sherman) makes the con scene!

Above seven images: Outside into the heat, for a gargantuan group shot! 

Above: Super-heroing is thirsty work! Hey! I like the colors on that soda pop label!

Above: Victor Goldberg appears once again, as the Joker!

Above: "If he be worthy…"

Above: How many Harleys can ya stand?

Above: Hellcat (Hope Roten) appears!

Above: Allyson Bigley as the Black Widow...

Above: What could I do? He said he was a DC Comics fan…

Above two images: Always some nut trying to "photo-bomb" me!
Say! It's Shelton Drum, the organizer of Heroes Con!

Above: Your guess is as good as mine...

Above: "So, to wrap up my 4-hour lecture on pedestrian safety, let me just add…"

Above: "Say, you look like a lad who'd love to learn about pedestrian safety…"

Above: "I could swear I've seen you before someplace…"

Above two images: Both Winter Soldier and Harley attack! Just
when I was about to buy some cute little action figures!

Above: Sure, it's the end of the con, but does Wolverine (Jim Sherman)
have to smoke and drink like that around kids? SHAME!