Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Late 60s Convention Scene! Early Cosplay! Justice Society!

Dig this wonderful 1969 piece on early conventions, from the pulpy pages of the famed fanzine, MONSTERS AND HEROES! Those early (and infrequent) cons sometimes had as few as a dozen frantic fans, but still can't be matched for excitement and fun! Costuming!  Creator meet-and-greets! Original art viewed and traded! And, if you think cosplay is a new thing on the scene, think again! Look at the many wonderful home-made costumes of the various cavortin' comic characters! Click below to enlarge images, and see all about the sensational 60s Silver Age convention world!

Wanna hear all about Spider-Man Don Glut's involvement in
comics and comics fandom? Take a listen here!

Yes, it's that Len Wein, a staple of the convention scene then!
What Captain America novel did Ted White author? 
Click here to see!

Sunday, September 1, 2019

1975 HULK Treasury Edition Original Cover Art! Romita on The Rampage!

What's that? Yet another precious piece of rare Romita original cover art? You heard right! Peer below to see the fantastic cover art for the sensational '75 Marvel treasury reprint, HULK ON THE RAMPAGE! Created by the peerless John Romita, Sr., this one has it all! Impeccable linework, draftsmanship, and action! Click below to enlarge!

Above, left: The original art for the cover of this awesome oversized tabloid, and (right) the cover
as seen on the published version! Thanks to Heritage Auctions and Jose Luis Moral for this one!

Bonus: Glance below to glom a few of the other ways the above cover art was put to use!

Above: A unique UK advert, hyping this terrific tabloid
to the feverish fans over there!

Above two images: A 1977 glass and cup from the 7-11 folks, both
sporting riotous Romita wrap-around images based on the
above artwork!