Friday, August 10, 2018

2016 Monkees Article! "Davy Was The Smartest of Us! Kirshner was Trump!"

From the fabulous folks at UNCUT magazine, here is a great 2016 article on the Monkees, and the awesome anticipation for their then-new album, GOOD TIMES! The LP went on to rave reviews and high chart positions, and is a heck of a disc! Read below for a quick overview of the Monkees, where they stood in 2016, and so much more! Click images to enlarge!

BONUS! Click below to glom some rare behind-the-scenes Monkees pics, from their hey-heyday!

Above: The guys rehearse for their 1968 Far East Tour!

Above: The band takes time out from rehearsals for their odd
1969 TV special, 33 1/3 REVOLUTIONS PER MONKEE!
Another rare snapshot can be seen here!