Thursday, September 7, 2017

POW! 1966 BATMAN TV Series Opening Credits! The Rare Sketches and Paintings! Holy Pre-Production!

ZAP! Everyone is familiar with the fabulous animated opening credits to the famed 1966  BATMAN TV series (you're singing "Na-Na-Na-Na Batman!" already, aren't you?) that ran before the live-action excitement of each episode, but have you ever seen these polychromatic pre-production sketches and cel paintings produced for that sensational scene? Click below to view these super-rare images created solely for the memorable 60s segment!

Above five images: Our heroes are set upon by heinous super-villains!
Note the inclusion of longtime Batman foe, Clayface!

Above: Only to be bopped ("zokked?") by Batman!

Above two images: The foes disposed of, the duo turn to shake hands....

Above three images: Before the final credits run, more
freaky foes (including a brutalized Joker) go a-flyin'!

Above images: The riotous wrap-up, with Batgirl blazing across
 the screen (during seaso
n three) on her (early version) Batgirl-cycle!
Bat-thanks to James Guthrie for bringing these awesome images to light!

Above: Dig this fantastic custom banner whipped up by artist Patrick Owsley!
A terrific homage to the opening BATMAN cartoon credits!

BONUS: Click below to view this amazing opening animated intro!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

See (And Play) the 1966 Ideal Batman Card Game! Look Inside! DC Comics Greatness!

Lookit what I recently snagged at a local comics show! It's a wonderful 1966 Batman card game set, made at the height of the TV-inspired wave of "Batmania," by the Ideal Toys folks! The set is replete with wonderful and dynamic graphics, featuring tons of Batman friends and foes! Take a look below to see all the particulars of this spectacular Bat-item!

Above: Dig that cool custom Murphy Anderson artwork! Bat-astic action with
Batman and Robin bringing serious heat to a gang of jewelry store robbers!

Above: Even the box side panels spotlight more awesome Anderson art!

Above: The colorful game board, featuring the usual baddies
(Joker, Catwoman, an off-model Riddler, Penguin), plus a
few surprising inclusions (Calendar Man? Midas?) mixed
into the crooked crowd! 

Above: The playing cards themselves, with very nice custom
artwork of B&R, and a smattering of their Bat-equipment!

Above: The inner-box game instructions!
Add some dice, and now you can play, too!

Above: Say, many the Bat-gadgets pictured on the cards closely resemble
the gear seen attached to the Batman utility belt, available at the same
time, also made by Ideal! Coincidence? Thanks to "AndyH40" for
aiming a Bat-spotlight on this factoid!