Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Monkees in 1977! Rare Vintage 60s Clippings! Mick Jagger Loves HEAD? Article and Pics!

Here we go again with another wheelbarrow-load of Monkees rarities! Some very rare vintage newspaper clippings! Peek behind the scenes of a 1977 16 MAGAZINE photo session! Look into recent articles and updates on the group! Click each image below to enlarge and inspect!

Above five images: A recent fabulous HEAD retrospective, from the magical MOJO magazine!
Can that Mick Jagger anecdote be true?!

Above: A 1967 report of the Monkees' live show! 
Thanks to Maureen Carney for the above!

Above two images: Rare 60's clippings detailing Mike's dizzying rise to fame!
Some very interesting observations...."You're asking me rotten questions..."

Above three images: Some rare and insightful 1967-69 clippings!
"Peter has left the band, but will participate in future recordings with
the quartet." Sadly, that wasn't to happen...Big thanks to
Fred Grandinetti for these nifty newspaper bits!

Above: A rare Spanish version of the MONKEES comic book,
complete with an alternate cover, this one featuring a take 

from a '67 "rainbow room" music video session!

Above: A rare pic from the Monkees 1967 UK press conference!

Above: Let's flash forward to 1977, and this
promotional tennis match involving Micky
and Davy! From 16 MAGAZINE!

Above three images: From the pages of a 1978 punk rock mag, here is a very rare behind-the-scenes
look at Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart, posing for various 16 MAGAZINE promotional pics!

Above three images: And the results of the above photo sessions, as
they appeared in 1978 issues of 16 MAGAZINE! To see what the missing
Peter Tork was up to at the time, click here!

Above: From a 2017 issue of CLOSER magazine, here's a nice
little look back at the band, and the late, great Davy Jones...