Sunday, February 3, 2019

Gene Colan! Unpublished 1970 DAREDEVIL Cover Art! Marie Severin!

Can it be? A rejected cover by Gene "the Dean" Colan? Sad, but true! Below (left) is the unpublished cover to DAREDEVIL #67, from the sizzlin' summer of '70! Oddly, it would be replaced (right) by an equally wonderful cover scene created by the titanic team of Marie Severin and "Wild" Bill Everett, but why the switch? Did Stan want DD to be in the "underdog" role, creating suspense and drama? Click image below to enlarge!

Thanks to Jose Luis Moral for generously sharing the above rarely-seen cover art!


Norman Boyd said...

THAT is amazing Al. I much prefer the Colan version - the background is exciting; the figure of DD is on top and therefore more powerful, as you intimate; there's so much more movement! Wow! Thanks for sharing!

Craig said...

yeah, Gene's cover has so much more energy!