Saturday, January 20, 2018

More Monkees Madness! Recent Articles! The Songwriters! GOOD TIMES! Mike Solo!

Here we go again, swinging back with even more articles (old and new) that throw a red-hot spotlight on the Monkees! New bios! Run-downs on riotous recording sessions! On the road in '67! GOOD TIMES in 2016! Click images below to enlarge!

Above ten images: A nice recap of the Monkees' first few months of existence, from the fine folks at SHINDIG magazine!

Above: Rare newspaper clippings, detailing the Monkees on
tour in 1967! Thanks to Jeremy Maine for these!

Above three images: A recent issue of GUITAR PLAYER brings focus to the
new Monkees tours, the chart-topping GOOD TIMES! release, and even the
instruments and equipment favored by Peter and Micky!

Above eight images: Pulled from a recent issue of
CARMEL magazine, here is a nice look at Mike and
his newer doings, from the new Monkees shows, to his
INFINITE TUESDAY book, and so much more! Mike called
Carmel (California) his home for many years in the

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