Friday, October 20, 2017

The Monkees! Rare Behind-the-Scenes Pics! 1967 to 2017! "Davy Jones Told Me to Kill!" Solo Years! "The Monkies?!"

Back with more fabulous and rare Monkees clippings, pics, news reports, candids, interviews, sounds, and more! Click images below to enlarge and enjoy!

Above thirteen images: From an under-the-radar eBay auction, here are some 
very rare pics from the set of the MONKEES show, their concert tours,
and more! A few of the shots seen in these contact sheets were used
for fan mag covers, and interior pin-ups and articles! Were they taken 
by Henry Diltz?

Above five images: Now you see what some of those photo sessions
led to! Mag covers, candid pics, and more!

Above: A great 1967 recount of the madcap pace that came with
shooting each MONKEES episode! Coco Dolenz did what
with what?!

Above: It's photographer Henry Diltz again! This time in 1967 on
the set of "Monkees Race Again," and with the band's Summer '67

Above: In this undated newspaper clip, we read about one
poor soul who says that the voice of Davy Jones told her
to kill! The guys had (and have) a lot of influence over
so many, but...

Above three images: Here is a rare 1982 Peter Tork GOLDMINE magazine
interview! Note Peter's thoughts on a possible Monkees reunion at the time!

Above two images: Super fan John Winchester talks about
 meeting Peter in 1983: "He didn’t give many interviews in the 80’s. 
I tried when he was in London for a 1983 show at the Change of Pace 
Cafe, while freelancing for The Western News. Got turned down, but he 
signed my Monkees album and posed for a photo at Sam the Record
 Man (top image). That was pretty cool."

Above: Dig this 1985 letter to me! I wrote to a small local station
about continuing their 1985 MONKEES re-runs, and they wrote
back, discussing this very weighty matter! Note their spelling of
"Monkees," however....

Above three images: A 1987 GOLDMINE interview with Davy Jones!
Davy was wrapping up the 2nd year of the highly successful
reunion tour, and (despite his comments here) would do so for
two more years! Sadly, his relationships with Alan Green
and MTV would both be short-lived..

Above: Speaking of Henry Diltz, here he is in 1968 (above pic), and
in 1987 (lower pic), shooting Davy Jones and the Monkees, decades apart!

Above seven images: It's Micky Dolenz at home in 2017!
An excerpted article from LIFE AFTER 50 magazine!

BONUS! Click below to hear a rare 2006 clip from 40 YEARS OF MONKEE BUSINESS, a great UK radio show special! The guys talk about the madcap making of their 1968 movie, HEAD, and more!

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