Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Here Comes--The Comic Bookmobile?! 1973 DC Comics on Wheels!

You've heard about it, mentioned thru hushed whispers. You've wondered about it, this tale from the past that smacks of urban mythology. But it was all shockingly real. DC Comics did attempt a bold new run at comic book distribution, in the sweltering summer of '73! The long-time funny book firm hit the streets with the far-flung and kinky Comicmobile! Taking their cue from ice cream trucks (and note the confusion from such, in the article below) and library bookmobiles, actual vehicular vendors (like future comics scribe Bob Rozakis and Bat-film producer Michael Uslan) set out to meet the frenzied fans face-on! In the enterprise, they got to see who was buying what (and who wasn't buying what)! An amazing experiment! Click below to enlarge the astounding article, savagely torn from the pages of AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS!!

Above: Can you imagine? Not just the latest comics coming to you, but the
sensational superhero merch of the day! Some only glimpsed in
house ads back then! And--back issues? Wow!

Above: What an amazing (if limited) opportunity to see who bought what!
Entertainment firms always yearn for such valuable info, since it enables
them to aim their content (and printing amounts) more precisely!
And--Who knew PLOP! was such a fan fave?

Above: Comics publisher Bruce Hamilton poses next to the Comicmobile!
Wanna see those van-adorning stickers up close? Click here!

BONUS: Read Bob Rozakis' own recollections of his days 
behind the wheel of the riotous rig right here!

BONUS BONUS: Want another retro reciting of the glory days 
of the DC Comicmobile? It's all in this awesome issue of BACK ISSUE!


Bob Buethe said...

BobRo wrote another article about the Comicmobile for Back Issue #100 last year. I was one of his regular customers back then, and he quoted me in the article! You can read it here.

Bob Buethe said...

And I'm probably the only one of his customers who never (even to this day) bought a single issue of Plop!