Friday, July 7, 2017

Unseen 1968 Marie Severin HULK Annual Cover Art! Silver Age Sensation!

You read right! Below we have even more original comic art by mirthful Marie Severin!  Sure, everyone knows (and loves) jocular Jim Steranko's iconic '68 HULK annual cover (click here for it, and how Marie Severin was involved in that, too), but here is the unused and unseen original cover for that sublime Silver Age bombshell! Tho very different from the published version, Marie swoops in with action, drama, movement, and Marvel magic! Marie somehow fits in not only ol' Greenskin, but also Black Bolt and the rest of the irascible Inhuman gang! Click below to enlarge!

Above, left: The original unused Marie Severin cover art for
HULK annual #1, and (right) the published Steranko cover!
Note (on the original art) the autograph from editor/writer Roy Thomas!
Big (Glee) thanks to comics fan Narayan Skye for the above art scan!

BONUS: Cast your orbs below, and glance at how Newton, an Australian publisher, used the above rejected cover art, for this mid-70s reprint comic! Thanks to Mac Max Talley for this one!

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