Monday, July 24, 2017

Remembering "Fabulous" Flo Steinberg.

Any fan of the Silver Age of Marvel Comics will know the name of Flo Steinberg. Flo performed "gal Friday" tasks (ask your parents) around Marvel then, essentially becoming Stan Lee's valuable right hand, during this busy time of production and creative flowering for the up-and-coming comics fireball firm. 

Above: A wonderful illo by Marie Severin, spotlighting
just a few of Flo's voluminous duties at Marvel!

Sadly, Flo passed away this week, causing many a Marvelitte to flash back on her generosity (sometimes answering fan letters, and responding with packages of back-issue comics or hand-written letters from Stan or available Bullpeners), her warmth (she also had to handle those who showed up unannounced at the Marvel offices, eager to bother busy creators at work), and her plain ol' wonderful upbeat attitude. 

Above two images: Flo was spotlighted in this
offbeat 1978 issue of WHAT IF--? With awesome
art by 60s Bullpen partner Jack Kirby, yet!

I'll leave it to other sites to list Flo's many other accomplishments and life details. I'm happy to just trot out this little audio gem below. It's the famed 1966 "Voices of Marvel," a shameless piece of promotion for the the then-new comics firm, and their fan club (the Merry Marvel Marching Society). The disc leaves us with the actual invaluable voices of many departed comics greats, even as they yuk it up thru some very threadbare comedy material. Listen, raise your MMMS membership card, and enjoy!

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