Monday, July 31, 2017

Aquaman! Supreme Master of All--Bird Life?! Odd 1963 DC Tale!

We all know Aquaman. He lives beneath the waves, and commands all sea creatures, big or small. But, what's this? Here is the King of the Seven Seas using his famed telepathic powers to command--birds?! That's right! From this odd 1963 WORLD'S FINEST tale, we see a beleaguered Sea King pressed into desperate action, turning to his last resort of mastering nearby birds to (wait for it) carry him (and Aqualad) aloft to the scene of danger! The craziest thing about this? It's not his first time doing such! Click here to see other examples of Aquaman telling birds what to do! Click images (with great art by Ramona Fradon) below to enlarge and enjoy!

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