Sunday, April 23, 2017

Gray Morrow! His Superhero Sketches! Spider-Man! Supergirl! Star Trek!

Sure, most comic art fans know the work of Gray Morrow, as he made quite a mark with his work for more horror and mystery comics than you could shake a broomstick at, but this criminally-underrated artist did very little actual work on the famed superheroes, much to many a fan's disappointment...But, direct from the pages of an early-70s issue of the MONSTER TIMES fanzine, here is a look at some of Gray's superior superhero sketches, not widely seen by comics fans! Click each image to enlarge!

Above: Gray had a style that featured just the right
combo of realism and superhero action! Wanna
see more of his version of Batman? Click here!

Above: Not exactly the Web-Spinner we're used to, but still
great! Gray had a fling with another Marvel superhero, as
you'll see below!

Above: Gray was not one for slavish attention to details, but I
kinda dig this take on Wonder Woman's outfit! 

Above: The artist also excelled at likenesses, as seen
in this STAR TREK image!

Above two images: Gray drew (with touch-ups by John Romita, Sr.) a terrific
back-up tale in CAPTAIN AMERICA #144, from 1971! This story
just happens to debut the Falcon's iconic red-and-white costume!

Above three images: Gray brings a new vibe to
Superman, Supergirl, and Batman (again!)

Above two images: A look at the high-flying
Hawkman and the jovial Joker, both from a 1975
color portfolio featuring Gray's work!

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