Monday, January 30, 2017

Silver Age Avengers Strike Back! Captain America! 1975 John Romita Sr. Cover Art!

Can you ever get enough original art from the hand of John Romita, Sr.?  Of course ya can't! Peek below to drool over yet another unearthed gem, the time from the bountiful Bronze Age of comics! Here we see a vignette drawn by "Jazzy" John, for the fabulous front cover of the awkwardly-titled GIANT-SIZED MARVEL TRIPLE ACTION, from 1975! Once again, the sensational Silver Age version of the awesome Avengers are seen, as only rapturous Romita could delineate them! Click below to enlarge!

The above comic book was an all-reprint issue, featuring stories
that originally saw the light of day in the sizzlin' 60s!

BONUS: Glance below to see even more delightful details from the above cover art! It's Johnny's fabulous original art for the Daredevil portion of said cover!

Thanks to Michael Lovitz for passing this one along! 

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Scott Edelman said...

Did you ever see the memo Stan Lee wrote about that cover, which I posted on my blog back in 2011?