Saturday, January 7, 2017

More John Romita Rarities! X-MEN "Silver Age" Trading Card Art Roughs! Cyclops! Beast!

Time to force open yet another comic art treasure chest! This time, take a look inside the bountiful box, to view some wonderfully rare Romita treasures, all from my own collection, and all from the mid-90s! Here are Johnny's pencils and rough designs for a Fleer X-MEN trading card set! Even in the 90s, JRSR still brought so much excitement and drama to his work! Click each below to enlarge!

Above, left: Here is Romita's take on the 60s version of the bouncing
and verbose Beast, seen here in a magnificent marker comp
drawing! Right: The finished, published card!

Above, left: Johnny's powerful pencil sketch layout
for the finished (right) Cyclops card!

Above, left and middle: Romita's amazing sketches for
the Angel card, seen in a dynamic flying pose,
and (right) the finished published product! 

Above, left: JRSR's perfect pencil idea for the "Professor X"
card, and (right) the final painted image!

Above: The awe-inspiring original art, as displayed on my wall!
Wanna take a closer gander at that swell MARVEL TEAM-UP PAGE?
Just click here!

BONUS! Peer below to see more Romita card roughs (from the same series as those pictured above), this time featuring the jet-setting Jean Grey, and the irascible Iceman!

BONUS BONUS! Click below to enlarge these two full and finished card set paintings by Romita!

Thanks to fearless Frank Giella for the above scans!

BONUS BONUS BONUS! What's this? Somebody would dare to dispute the gargantuan greatness of JRSR's work? Ah, art directors. Look below to check the notes from a nosy nabob who thinks to improve upon the above awe-inspiring images!

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