Sunday, December 18, 2016

SHAZAM! "The Mighty Dr. Illusion!" Rare 1977 Audio Adventure! Power Records!

Any comics fan who grew up in the 70s just had to have dug Power Records! The folks at PR (in reality, the beloved Peter Pan people) supplied us fans with a veritable flood of superhero audio adventures, in those days before VCRs, DVDs, and DVR! We feverish fans got loads of LPs and 45s spotlighting both the Marvel and DC super-characters (and even STAR TREK and PLANET OF THE APES offerings), most featuring fun tales crafted by the actual comics creators of the day! Now you get to hear one of the rarest Power Records outings, featuring none other than the famed Captain Marvel himself! Click below to take a listen to this amazing mid-70s SHAZAM! adventure (certainly timed to capitalize on the still-running CBS-TV Saturday morning series), in the best audio quality you'll find anywhere! 

BONUS: Look below to glom the fabulous 45 cover that enveloped the above super-adventure!

The above cover art looks to be the work of Dick Giordano, doing
his best Kurt Schaffenberger impression!

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