Saturday, October 8, 2016

Batman! Robin! Aquaman! Nick Cardy Original '74 Cover Art!

One of the most prolific and exciting artists of the 60s and 70s had to be nifty Nick Cardy! Nick drew tons of DC comics in the 60s, such as TEEN TITANS and AQUAMAN, but, once the idiosyncratic 70s started, Nick's awesome art graced many a comic cover, regardless of who drew the interiors! Here is the original cover art to the fabulously fine front of SECRET ORIGINS #7, from '74! SO was an all-reprint book that allowed newer readers to peruse older (and sometimes quite obscure) comics origin tales, bestowing instant "playground cred" upon said newly-knowledgeable reader! Click below to enlarge and appreciate!

BONUS! Recognize that unique "Robin" logo on the above cover? It was also used on the famed Robin Mego action figure packaging (below), at about the same time!

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Anonymous said...

I bought that comic, still have it. Loved the Aquaman story. I was a fan of Aquaman. The Mego figures came out shortly before the SuperFriends show, if I remember correctly. Aquaman was new to me and I loved him. He always reminded me of summertime and swimming off Cape Cod or down in Florida. He was a fun character to play with during the cold winters of the northeast.