Thursday, October 13, 2016

BATMAN '66 Returns! 1995 Interview! Rare Pics and Facts! Plus: Batman--Sans Trunks?!

The Bat-spotlight once again shines on the 1966 BATMAN TV series! This time, you're served a wonderful 1995 interview with Batman himself, Adam West (complete with some very rare pics), and a look at the pulpy painted BATMAN trading cards, by nifty Norm Saunders! Just click each below to enlarge, citizen!

Above: Can it be? Batman without his briefs?! Shot during a break in
filming, Adam West waits for the rest of his gear to be delivered, in this
rare pic! But, it's not the first time the Caped Crusader has been caught
without his accessories! Click here to see!

Above: Yep! It's something you never thought you'd see!
 It's 68 year-old Adam, back in the Bat-rompers
again, in this 1996 portrait!

Above: Take a peek at the original art for some of the well-remembered '66
BATMAN trading cards, painted by the incredible Norm Saunders! The cards
were but one small part of the wave of Bat-merch that swept the world
when the ABC series was thrilling a generation! See more of Norm's
incredible artwork here! Thanks to Ray Ferry and his FREAKY MONSTERS
magazine for bringing us all of the above Bat-bounty!

Above seven images: More pieces of original Saunders
pre-production artwork for the BATMAN '66 cards!

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