Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Comic Books on TV! JARRETT! 1973 TV-Movie Madness! Superman!

Take a gander at these senses-shattering screen-grabs from the 1973 NBC-TV movie, JARRETT! Not only did this crime series-that-never-was star future "Pa Kent" Glenn Ford (in 1978's SUPERMAN-THE MOVIE), but some scenes feature Ford going toe-to-toe against a maniacal (he shreds comics books) pulp paper collector! I've identified a few of the captivatin' comics used liberally in the background of certain scenes, but how many Bronze Age covers can you spot? Click images below to enlarge and enjoy!

Above: Jack Kirby's DEMON #5 is seen as a blown-up cover! I actually saw
this telecast in '73, while on a camping trip! My parents had a small b/w TV
set up near a river I was swimming in 
(they had a long extension cord), and
called me over to see "this guy who has a ton of comic bo
oks--like you!" 

Above: A poster-sized image of SUPERMAN #261 (with fabulous Nick Cardy art) is spotted!

Above: One of the villain's crazed thugs tears apart his master's "comic book room!"
A poster of a Don Heck-drawn WONDER WOMAN #294 is (sadly) lost in the destruction!

Above: A young man is admonished for reading LOVE STORIES #148!

Above: The eccentric bad guy (actor Anthony Quayle) is actually shredding (be still my heart!) select 
comics from his collection, in an amoral attempt to increases their rarity and value! In one mem-
orable scene, said foe even recites comic titles (both well-known and obscure ones), rap-like, 
to the Jarrett character!

Titanic thanks to Steven Thompson for unearthing this TV gem!

BONUS: More comics tie-ins ya want? This same JARRETT pilot film also co-starred Yvonne Craig, also known as "Batgirl," from the 60s BATMAN series!

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Mike Tiefenbacher said...

And co-star Anthony Quayle starred in the 1969-70 ITC/MGM TV series THE STRANGE REPORT as an ex-Scotland Yard detective who investigated the supernatural. He played Adam Strange (no, not that one).