Tuesday, May 31, 2016

SPIDER-MAN #151! 1975 Original Comic Art! Mead (and Marvel) School Supply Madness!

Take a glance below to devour the full grandeur of one of the Bronze Age's greatest comic covers! That's right! This is the original 1975 art to the captivating cover of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #151, by the unsurpassed John Romita, Sr.! Just look at that sense of drama, the feeling of danger, the sheer artistry on display! Click below to enlarge!

Above, left: The awesome original art for the cover to (right) 1975's 
SPIDER-MAN #151! I was an avid collector of this title back then (leaving for 
good around issue #202 or so), and this was my great "lost" issue! I somehow 
missed this one (having been collecting the title for three years), and only 
much later was to grab it as a back issue! A real shame, for the insides 
feature a rare (for even then) art job by regular Ross Andru, with 
stellar inks by John Romita! A real treat!

BONUS! Look below to see how the insides of the above comic were used by the fine folks at Mead, in creating their 1976 Marvel-mad school supplies!

Above three images: A nifty 1976 school folder that 
liberally uses (on the inside and back) images from 
within SPIDER-MAN #151, spotlighting Spidey fighting 
the sinister Shocker!

Above: The much-remembered 1976 "trapper keeper" from Mead! 
This huge monster folder not only sported all six Marvel covers used with
the other superhero school supplies, but also interior poses and panels, including 
those from (you guessed it) SPIDER-MAN #151! I had this sturdy '76 school staple,  
and was happy to have something from that much-missed Spidey issue then!


Anonymous said...

I remember those great Mead notebooks and folders very well, and I myself had the Spider-man folder. I loved those things. There was a kid on my school bus who had the binder (if that's what you call those things) and I remember getting him to let me look at it because I was such a nut for Marvel comics in those days. Still am!
Really cool to see this stuff, it takes me back. And that Spider-man #151 cover has got to be one the best ever. Great post! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

My brother and I bought two issues of ASM 150, but missed 151. I had to order it through mail order. Definitely worth the wait. One of my favorite ASM covers.