Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sensational Superhero Shirt! Batman vs. Catwoman! 1967 Coloring Book Cover(age)!

Back again with another nifty new find! This time, it's a great new wrap-around sublimated tee that dynamically displays the cover art to a well-recalled 1967 BATMAN coloring book! The daring Dynamic Duo swings down on a highway-bound Catwoman, in this well-designed Silver Age graphic! I had a reprint of this terrific tome in the early 70s, and always loved this indelible image (the interior coloring pages weren't exactly aesthetically anemic, either)! Click below to enlarge!

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david_b said...

LOVE that shirt, those coloring book covers are super. I've bought a few for matting/framing myself.

Rick said...

The coloring book covers were some of the best merchandising items from the Batmania period. Loved 'em.