Thursday, January 14, 2016

More Madcap MONKEES Mania! Rare 1994 Davy Jones Interview! Archies! Mike Nesmith--Outlaw!

Snap back into fun with these pics and clips detailing the madcap musicians of mirth, the Monkees! Click images below to enlarge!

Above: The Monkees arrive in cold climes! Possibly for a show in Winnipeg?

Above: The band on set, filming a musical segment that highlights
the song, "Valleri!" Note Davy Jones atop a lifting crane that will
soon zoom him up and away from the rest of the group, for an
unusual visual effect!

Above: Even the ARCHIE gang gets in on the act,
in this late-60s gag page from one of the many 

ARCHIE comic books! Those wacky kids, with
their long hair!

Above: Dynamic Davy Jones belts one out with the 
group, live at the Hollywood Bowl, in 1967!

Above: The Monkees, playing live in Salt Lake City, Utah, for
the exciting concert segments of their 1968 film, HEAD!

Above: Recent article on the band's famed clash with musical Svengali, Don Kirshner!

Above: The guys pose for pics, during a photography session
for their 2nd LP release, MORE OF THE MONKEES...

Above three images: A great recent MOJO magazine article
on Michael Nesmith's post-Monkees solo career!

BONUS! Click below to listen to a snippet of a rare 1994 Davy Jones interview! Davy talks of GREASE (a stage play he was involved with then), as well as favorite MONKEES episodes, THE BRADY BUNCH, and more!

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Judith (Joyce) Supple-Hadlock said...

Such a great Davy interview!!! Wish we could hear the whole thing!!