Tuesday, January 26, 2016

IRON MAN Painting! Rare 1979 John Romita, Sr. Original Comic Art! Marvel!

One of the fondest memories for us aging Marvel fans involves the short-lived "Marvel Novel Series." These pulpy prose publications popped up (in drug stores and small book shops), almost without notice or fanfare, and were always unexpected treats, in those days before the Marvel media and movie invasion so evident today! In addition to movie-like (and movie-length) tales within, the exteriors of these paperbacks sported then-rare paintings of the characters, making these offerings a double-treat! Click below to enlarge a rare IRON MAN novel cover rough (by John Romita, Sr.), created as a guide for the final (and fabulous) Bob Larkin cover painting that adorned said publication!

Above, left: Romita's original color rough sketch, as a
guide for the final painted Larkin cover art (right)!

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