Monday, September 28, 2015

Spider-Man vs. the Spider-Mobile?! 1976 Original Comic Art Madness! Gil Kane! Romita!

Dig this great original cover art, featuring the ever-amazing Spider-Man, in mortal combat against his own irony-drenched Spider-Mobile, and a mystery super-foe (you really don't want me to reveal his identity, do you?), all delightfully delineated by the titanically talented team of Gil Kane and John Romita, Sr.! Here is a great cover from the midst of the bicentennial-besotted Bronze Age (1976), and sums up what made Marvel great then, with plenty of action, danger, and drama displayed! Click below to enlarge, arachnid-aficionados!

Thanks to the fine folks at ComicConnect for the above scan!

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Jerry Brand said...

Man, I remember seeing this cover during the summer of '76 and being blown away over the return of the Spider-Mobile. I was 8 years old and the perfect age for Marvel during the 70's (although it can be argued that Marvel in the 70's is perfect for any age). I bought this issue and couldn't wait to get home and read it. In fact, I didn't wait. I read it in the car as my grandmother drove home. I was visiting for the summer and my grandmother took me around to anyplace with a spinner rack to make sure I didn't miss my comic fix. My grandmother always supported my love of superheroes and comics. Anytime I visited, there was always a shirt or a book or something that was comic related waiting for me.
In addition, does it get any better than the team of Ross Andru and Mike Esposito? Not much.