Monday, July 13, 2015

ZOWIE! More 1966 BATMAN Blasts! Unseen TV Ads! Updates! Radio Interviews!

Swing back into Bat-action with these rare pics, documents and sounds (zounds!) detailing the famed 1966 BATMAN ABC-TV series! Click below to enlarge!

Above: Adam West (as "Batman"), tussles with an unknown
actor (as "the Riddler") during a famed live Shea
Stadium appearance, in June of 1966! TV Riddler,

actor Frank Gorshin, was there, so why the stand-in?

Above: The actual poster advertising the famed
Shea Stadium event! Who wasn't there?!

Above: Adam West entertains even more visitors to the BATMAN set!

Above: A great 1966 article from TV GUIDE! Read more about Biljo White here!

Above: A 1965 sneak-peek for the show, touting its "sophisticated" approach to
dry camp comedy, one with no juvenile laugh-track to instruct viewers when to
laugh, or even the fact that is a comedy! Thanks to Steven Thompson for
 this gem!

Above two images: Script and storyboard for an unfilmed (as far as is known) Batman-themed
Lava Soap TV ad! Notice how little dialog the Dynamic Duo receive in this
fun commercial...

Above: A 2014 "rag mag" piece on TV superheroes, featuring Adam and Burt!
Wanna read more about Burt's canine rescue charity efforts? Click here!

BATTY BAT-BONUS! Click below to hear Julie Newmar ("Catwoman") answer some particularly odd fan questions, on this 1989 radio call-in segment!

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