Tuesday, April 7, 2015

At Last! Hear The Rare 1966 Marvel "Golden Records!" AVENGERS #4!

You asked for it, so here (hear?) it is! Take a look below to learn about the rare 1966 Marvel Comics "Golden Records" audio releases, and even listen to a snippet from one of the actual electrifyin' LPs! Click images below to enlarge!

Above: The four Silver Age Marvel Comics picked to get the "Golden Records" treatment
in 1966! Each LP came packaged with a special reprinting of the featured comic, so
fans could read along with the audio presentation!

Above: A closer look at the AVENGERS #4 LP! Voice actor
Ron Liss also can be heard on this BATMAN disc from '66!

Above: A peek at the back cover of the LP, which touts the educational
value of the book-and-record format, in a sure pitch to skeptical
parents and potential buyers!

Above two images: A sample (by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby) of the interior 
of AVENGERS #4 (originally published by Marvel in 1964), used for the 
dramatization on the LP featured above!

BONUS! Want to "read along as you listen?" Click below to hear the LP's own version of the above dramatic pulp-covered pages!

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Ross said...

Wow, that was interesting. Those voices! Wasp (complete with buzzing) was the only one that sounded on point - the rest seemed to have just walked off of a Hammer Horror flick!