Sunday, February 22, 2015

More Maniacal Monkee-Mania! Monkees in Concert! With Fans! Surrounded by The Cops?!

Once again, click below to enlarge these tumultuous tidbits, all featuring the madcap masters of musical mirth, the Monkees!

Above two images: 1967 clippings from a Seattle newspaper, detailing a
Monkees concert stop-over! Big thanks to Don DeLeaumont for these!

Above: The guys pose on location while filming a second season episode, as seen in this teen mag poster!

Above: It's the famed 1968 Corgi Monkeemobile die-cast toy car! Have
you ever seen the interior figures? Not very good likenesses, but..

Above: Sizzlin' 60s ads for the Monkeemobile
Corgi toy!

Above: Torn from the pages of a 1967 music magazine, here is an awesome
article, detailing the band creating their famed HEADQUARTERS LP!

Above: The group on the set of their NBC-TV
show, filming the "Frodis Caper" episode!

Above: Michael and Micky hit their "James Brown" routine, during a 1968 concert!

Above: Just as the caption says, the band meets fans in 1967!

Above: The Monkees in 1968.

Above: Michael Nesmith, being escorted by a phalanx of police, on his
way to film the sensational "Circle Sky" live concert segment, at
the Liberty Square venue, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Above: Peter Tork, solo in 1970, with
then-girlfriend Reine Stewart!

Above three images: Seen in a recent copy of SHINDIG!, here is a
great article on Monkees LP producer, Chip Douglas!

Above: From a 2012 issue of TV GUIDE, here is their final tribute to the late David Jones….

Above: From a tabloid "rag mag," here is one person's
remembrance of Monkee (and CIRCUS BOY) Micky Dolenz!

Above: It's me, in my "Monkees jacket!" This denim jacket was sold
briefly in 1999, in the Spencer Gifts stores, and I further customized
it with Monkees logo and Monkeemobile patches!


david_b said...

Spectacular clippings sir, LOVE the Monkees coat... absolutely love it.

Question on the '67 pic with Michael and Mickey (doin' his James Brown imitation..)..

I didn't know Mike wore his 'flag shirt' on that tour..? I thought that didn't get worn until 1968 and after..? Interesting. Judging from the hair and Mickey's clothing, it does seem to be 1967.

Anywho, GREAT archival stuff. Are you ever in touch with Andrew S on some of this stuff..? Truely remarkable clippings.

Al Bigley said...


Good catch on that clipping!

I'lll make the change ASAP!

Al Bigley