Friday, February 6, 2015

Lou Ferrigno Talks About The HULK TV Series! The Stunts! The Make-Up! Marvel Comics!

Let's take another look at the famed 1977-1982 CBS-TV series, THE INCREDIBLE HULK! In this recent feature from FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND magazine, Lou discusses not only the show (in which he starred as, of course, the title character), but also his childhood, bodybuilding background, and so much more! Who knew sweet Lou was an avid comic book collector in his youth? Click below to enlarge!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge more rare pics and clippings from the HULK TV series and stars!

Above: A newspaper promo for the
1979 HULK episode, "Homecoming."

Above: Lou Ferrigno ("Hulk") enjoys an on-set visit from his dad!

Above: Producer/Director Kenny Johnson directs Lou Ferrigno, live in New
York City, while filming the "Terror in Times Square" 1978 episode!

Above: Mighty Lou lifts a bewildered Billy Crystal over his head, during the
filming of a 1978 BATTLE OF THE NETWORK STARS TV special!

Above: Lou in the late 70s, live at a personal appearance, making 
friends and thrilling fans!

Above: A newspaper report detailing the flood of HULK merchandise, in
the wake of Ang Lee's 2003 HULK feature film!

Above: Early-80s magazine ads spotlighting publicity-seeking pants manufacturers!

Above: A 1980 VARIETY spread, advertising the HULK show being offered
into syndicated TV markets! Thanks to Fred Grandinetti for passing this along!

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