Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Monkees! On Stage in '67! Peter's Tell-All Book from '76! Davy and Micky in '78!

Back again with more maniacal morsels mentioning the MONKEES! Click each below to enlarge!

Above: The Monkees, live in concert in 1967! Courtesy the "Monkees Headquarters" group!

Above: Micky, on the set of the "Monkees Marooned" episode,
catching up on the doings of his favorite rock stars in his favorite
magazine, while reporters and photographers grab more
material for upcoming issues!

Above, left: The colorful German cover for the group's fourth
LP, "Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, and Jones, Ltd." Also included is the
more subdued USA version (above, right)! Click here to see how that
color-blasted image was re-purposed, many years later!

Above three images: Actual type-written notes and interviews for Peter Tork's
never-completed "tell-all" book, from 1976! Several of the teen magazines of
the day heralded the book, which Peter once said "would blow the lid off the
whole Monkees thing!" Say, Peter could still complete this tome, any day now..

Above four images: Davy and Micky on the road in 1977, after
touring the previous year with Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart.
From the Dave Farley collection.

Above: Micky and Davy in Harry Nilsson's play, THE POINT, in 1977!

Above: Davy and Micky serve up their vital statistics, in this 16 MAGAZINE
spread from 1978! The guys were getting coverage then, due to afternoon
syndicated reruns of THE MONKEES around the country! I recall looking at
Davy's shirt then, and thinking, "Steak & Ale? That must be some exclusive
Hollywood restaurant!"  I was 12.

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