Monday, January 26, 2015

More Monumental MONKEES Mayhem! Concerts! Conventions! 1968 to 1997! See and Hear!

Swing back into action with another look at classic MONKEES moments! Click below to enlarge!

Above: Some rare shots of the band, snapped during their
1968 Far East tour! From the liner notes of the 1979

Above three images: From an eBay auction, rare pics of the Monkees on the set of
their TV series in 1967, filming the 2nd season episode, "It's a Nice Place to Visit!"

Above five images: From the 1968 paperback book, INSIDE POP, here is a concise
look at the origins of the group, their struggles for musical ownership and
authenticity, and much more!

Above three images: Taken by me in 1986, here are some shots from the
now-classic Monkees Convention held in Philadelphia! The last was snapped
during the band's convention-topping live show at Philly's Mann Music Center!

Above images: Peter Tork,  live in Lewisville, North Carolina! He performed
along with long-time pal James Lee Stanley (seen towering behind Peter in that
one pic), and wowed all attending fans! That last set of pics were
snapped by Cindy Bryant!

Above two images: From a UK publication, here is a late-90s piece on
Davy Jones, known in England as one of the performers on the long-running
CORONATION STREET TV series, in addition to his MONKEES role!

BONUS! Click below to hear a rare 1994 audio clip of Davy Jones, live on the BOB & SHERI SHOW from Charlotte, North Carolina! Davy discusses the Monkees, Jimi Hendrix, and even destroys an on-air live commercial spot! 

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david_b said...

Love the Far East '68 pics.. I know there's a few sources for audio interviews that you've posted. STILL WISH someone had the concert filmed in color at Budokan(?). I've read about it being filmed several times over the years, but no one's been able (or interested) in unearthing them.

Blessings, great posts.