Thursday, January 1, 2015

Batman! His 1939 Origin Tale! 1974 DYNAMITE Magazine Feature! POW!

At last! I've featured all the other "Superheroes Confidential" spots from 70s DYNAMITE magazines, and here is the final one! This nifty 1974 article looks back on the 1939 origin of Batman, from the minds and hands of creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger! Who he is and how he came to be! Sure, everyone and their uncle knows this story now, but in the 70s, with comics reprints and back issue very hard to get, it was solid gold to us kids! Click below to enlarge! Click here to see more DYNAMITE doings!

Wanna learn more about Robin's origin? Click here for a rare treat!

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Graham said...

Cool! Had forgotten about the old Dynamite series. I was in 5th or 6th grade when they started doing those. The ONLY reason I bought any of those was because of the Superheroes Confidential. Like you said, reprints were few and far between back then, other than what I found in DC's 100-pagers around that same time.