Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Take a 1970 Tour of the Marvel Comics Bullpen! YOU Are There! Celebrate Stan!

This is it! You can take a time-warping trip back to the nifty 1970 Marvel Comics Bullpen, thanks to sensational Steve Sherman! Steve took these pics during a tantalizing tour of the halcyon "House of Ideas," and here are his color images from this never-to-be-forgotten visit! Click each image below to enlarge, faithful ones! 

Above: Outside the magic factory!

Above: The hallowed halls themselves! Dig the then-current
 "MarvelMania" posters adorning the right wall!

Above: Laughin' Larry Lieber (left) and jazzy John Romita, Sr. (right) seem
less than excited, as they work on upcoming Marvel masterpieces!

Above: A wall fulla greatness! Magazine publishers would often post their
art, proofs, and finished magazines in this manner, in order to keep up
with each step of production!

Above; That's right! That is the much-talked-about Jack Kirby cigar butt, posted for all to
see by mirthful Marie Severin (a fellow pencil-pusher), upon Jack's leaving Marvel for rival
DC Comics! It's flanked by color charts, calendars, and more Marie
cartoons and office caricatures!

Above: Tony Isabella (on left, and soon to make his mark writing 
books such as DAREDEVIL) confers with rascally Roy Thomas (right)!

Above three images: Master illustrator (best known for his stellar
SPIDER-MAN run) John Romita, hard at work in the bullpen!

Here he labors over an issue of FANTASTIC FOUR, taking
over for the just-departed Jack Kirby!

Above: Stu Schwartzberg on the job!

Above: Happy Herb Trimpe, famed long-running HULK
artist, hard at work! Or maybe just napping….?

Above: Dig those titles! Every one a winner!

BONUS! How much can ya stand? Click below for more pics, articles, and debris, all celebrating Stan Lee!

Above: A wonderful 60s newspaper article on Stan, and the then-exploding
Marvel Comics Group! It also sports a rare pic of Stan without
his trademarked hairpiece!

Above: A nice late-60s caricature of
Stan, by comics artist Don Heck!

Above: A fabulous 1966 newspaper article on the
then-new rise of the idiosyncratic Marvel superheroes!

Above six images: Stan seen in the swingin'  70s, from
press clippings, ads, and promotional pieces!

Above two images: "The Man" in great 1978 pics, from an issue of

Above: Stan hams it up, in this (circa) 1978 pic!

Above: Stan in the mid-80s, flanked by later Bullpen stalwarts,
Jim Shooter and Al Milgrom (toiling away on SHE-HULK covers)!

Above: The sad 2018 obit and life overview of Stan, from


B Smith said...

Wish someone would reprint those Marvelmania posters!

Fun Fact: That Fantastic Four issue John Romita's toiling away at is #105, the first issue I bought

Sir Andrew of Alhambra said...

Thank you so much for posting those great pics.
I started READING comics in 1973, and these pic bring back great memories.


Anonymous said...

Thank from France.

Mike Mikulovsky said...

Thank you so much for posting these. This was my Golden Age! Really miss Herb he was a great guy & a good friend! So was Gene Colan & Dave Cockrum. I'm forwarding this on to Roy Thomas, Joe Sinnott & John Romita SR & JR. I wish I could had visited these offices back then. I was 8/9 years old in 1970. I had Roy Thomas finish plotting part II of the unfinished Man-God story. Which was published in Dec 76/Jan 77. In Marvel Preview #9 Roy's adapation of Philip Wylie's 1930 book Gladiator. Written in 1926 but Wylie had it not published on purpose until 1930.