Monday, December 22, 2014

Another Batty BATMAN Blast! 1966 Pics and Bits! Songs and Stories! DC Comics!

Back for another big BATMAN blast! Click below to glom rare articles, pics, and sounds! ZOUNDS!

Above: Don't be frightened! This is the cover that enveloped
the wonderful Bat-article that appears below!

Above four images: the interior Bat-article from MONSTER
WORLD, detailing not only the 1966 BATMAN show, but also the
famed live-action 40s serials that came before!

Above two images: I couldn't resist! Two great ads for classic Aurora
superhero model kits also festooned the above horror mag issue!
These kits have been re-issued many times! Just click here for a glimpse!

Above three images: Rare 60s articles and (not so nice) reviews on the
BATMAN show! Thanks to sensational Steve Thompson once again!

Above: The original 1965 contract between 20th Century Fox, and car
customizer George Barris, for the creation and construction of the TV
Batmobile! Interesting to see that Barris was already eyeing the "Futura"
concept car as the basis for the famed Bat-ride! Note the producer's "not a
chance" note in the margins! ZAP!

Above: A nifty early-90s painted ad for the return of the BATMAN show to
syndication, due to the panic-producing popularity of the 1989 BATMAN movie!

BAT-BONUS! Click below to hear the very rare tune, "The Joker's Wild!" This jaunty kiddie cut is from a 1966 album of children's Bat-songs!

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