Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sensational Superhero Shirt! Hulk Stomp! The Titanic T-Shirt! Jack Kirby vs. Bruce Timm! Marvel!

Back again, sporting another spectacular shirt that features a fabulous fictional fiend-fighter! This time, it's the famed "Hulk stomp" image, but as depicted by master artist Bruce Timm (of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES fame)! Click below to see the original source of this famed pose, involving none other than Jack "King" Kirby, no less! Click here for more tee-shirt sartorial silliness! 

Above, left: Me, sporting a shirt decorated with a beautiful Bruce Timm-drawn
Hulk image, and (right) the cover of 1965's TALES TO ASTONISH #67, featuring
Jack Kirby's original version of this never-to-be-forgotten pose!

Above: Yet another use of this "stomping" figure! This one is from a
1966 Marvel poster set! This wonderful drawing is believed to possibly
be by Marie Severin….

Above: Even the infamous 1966 MARVEL SUPERHEROES cartoon
show used this pulse-pounding pose, to introduce each "Hulk" segment!

Above: An ad for the arrival of the 1966 MARVEL
cartoons, featuring that "stomping" Hulkster!

Above: The cover of a 1966 paperback reprint
volume, using that now-familiar illustration!

Above: So adored was the "Hulk stomp" pose, Marvel even began using
it for their "corner box" image on each HULK comic cover in the late 60s!

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david_b said...

Not a consumate Hulk devotee, but I picked up that TOA in VF condition just for that iconic pose.

Loved it, and would love to find the poster someday myself.

Great post.