Friday, November 28, 2014

Another BATMAN '66 Blast! Set Designs! The Riddler! Julie Newmar! See AND Hear!

Let's take another swing back to the days of the fabulous 1966 BATMAN ABC-TV show! Click images below to enlarge!

Above six images: Burt Ward ("Robin") and Adam West ("Batman") entertain 
young set visitors, in these posed "photo op" pics! Thanks to Steve Rosinski
for forwarding these pics!

Above: A great 1997 interview/article with Julie Newmar ("Catwoman")!

Above three images: From a 1990s collectibles auction catalog, here are some
very rare BATMAN set and prop designs, probably created by Leslie Thomas

How many do you recognize?

Above two images: Holy Fiasco! A letter detailing a not-so-great
set visit to the BATMAN production stages! Say it ain't so! ZAP!

Above: What's this about? Just click here to hear!

Above: POW! A letter from the BATMAN producers, expressing their distaste over
Frank Gorshin's demands for a Riddler raise! The producers held firm, bringing
in a mustache-festooned John Astin as the Prince of Puzzlers in the 2nd season!

Above: Frank Gorshin ("the Riddler") strikes a pose on the BATMAN set!

Above two images: 1965 letters from Batman comic co-creator Bob Kane, to
production head Bill Dozier, expressing his excitement over the upcoming
BATMAN TV premiere! Bob was never one to miss an opportunity to attach
himself (or his name) to any publicity-garnering events!

Above two images: Two more mighty missives from
Kane! Note his last request! What did I tell ya?

Above: Adam West takes on a young fighting fan during an in-school visit in 1975!
Thanks to Steve Rosinski for the above image!

Above: Adam West and Burt Ward circa 1989, still making convention
appearances in full costume! These would be the last years they'd do so...

Above: Adam, in the UK, filming a cameo for a 1976 episode of
SATURDAY SCENE, hosted by Sally James. Adam appeared as Batman
during a tour of the UK, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the series!

Above four images: Excerpts from a 1966 SUPERHEROES magazine, focusing
on the bombastic BATMAN phenomena! Note how worried fans were
already upset over the show's "camp" tone! Some things never change..

BAT-BONUS! Click below to hear a rare 1989 radio clip! BATMAN TV producer Bill Dozier speaks about how he brought the famed comic book (and a certain other superhero property) to the small screen!

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"T.V. Barnum" said...

As we all know DC pulled the licence for Adam and Burt to make public appearances in Costume by early 1989, just prior to the big movie coming out.

Some say the licence wasn't renewed, others say DC/WB sent a full on cease and desist!