Thursday, October 2, 2014

Spotlight on Amazing SPIDER-MAN Foreign Covers! Hammerhead! Doc Ock!

Back again with more superlative Spanish Marvel covers! This time, we zero in on the overseas interpretations of some early-70s US Spidey covers, complete with the foreign versions side-by-side with the originals! And the best part? No extra cost to you! Just click below to enlarge!

Above, left: The overseas version of 1971's AMAZING
SPIDER-MAN #98 (right), featuring art by Gil Kane (who else)? 

Above, left: The little-seen Spanish cover art that mirrors the John
Romita-drawn USA front to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #110 (right), from 1972!

Above, left: The overseas interpretation of our own Romita-drawn
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #114 (right), birthed in 1972!

Above: The Smasher (who?) attacks, in both the Spanish cover art (left), and the
USA Romita-delineated cover image for 1973's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #118 (right)!

Above, left: The awesome overseas art, next to the USA cover image 
(right) for the Romita-fronted AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #120, from 1973!
Wanna see yet another version of this colossal cover scene? Click here!

Above, left: The rare cover on the spanish version of 1971's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN
#101 (right), with art on the USA version by Gil Kane and John Romita, Sr.!

Above, left: The sensational Spanish cover to their version of the USA's AMAZING
SPIDER-MAN #94 (right)! The original 1971 cover was illustrated by jazzy John Romita, Sr.!

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